Vented Inner Gel Wrap Gloves

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These hands wraps for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and contact sport training offer incredible support for your wrist, whilst ensuring maximum comfort for a successful workout. Gel Shock Glove Wraps envelop your hands in a secure combination of neoprene, mesh, elastic and shock-absorbing gel over the knuckles. A double hook & loop-- wrap-around closure cements the wrap in place. Provides essential wrist support.


  • Fits perfectly under any boxing or MMA glove and fortify your knuckles some more for complete shock-absorbency
  • The shock-absorbent base is cleverly stitched using highly durable Engineered Leather  fabric for extraordinary comfort
  • Highly shock-absorbent EVA padding is slabbed over with a Shell-Shock gel Equilibrium sheet for an added wall technologically advanced shock-resiliency
  • Quick-EZ Hook-and-Loop with elastic strap on palm enables easy on/off application