Pro Thai Pad

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Every element of these pads have been designed to ensure an unrivaled feel for both striker and trainer. This series boasts effortless control with unmatched responsiveness. The ergonomic shape ensures maximum comfort while the inner foam core optimizes all levels of striking performance. Reinforced grip bar ensures solid grip. Additional foam wedge located just above elbow removes negative space to keep pad flush on the arm at all times.


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  • Optimal density engineered to support shin conditioning and all levels striking 

  • Ergonomic hand and forearm alignment for the ultimate in comfort.

  • Reinforced, curved impact zone for an ideal striking surface.

  • Microfiber spine ensures zero slippage and maximum control.

  • The most comfortable Thai pads to date.

  • Anatomical shaping allows for trainer comfort and secure fit.

  • SIZE: 18 x 8 x 5