Gel Fist Guard - Boxing MMA Muay Thai Protection

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Made of exclusive gel enforced lining with ultra-flexible neoprene cover combines for an incredible fist guard that delivers immense power, protection and impact resistance. Full gel coverage over the knuckles and back of the fist for a custom & snug fit and impact protection. These guards can be worn alone, under boxing gloves or with hand wraps for optimal protection. Sold in pairs.


πŸ₯Šγ€MATERIAL】: The gel fist guards are packed with gel padding enforced with a flexible neoprene cover for an excellent fist guard that provides impact resistance. Slip the neoprene knuckle guards over the fist and use under hand wraps for an intense custom fist protection.

πŸ₯Šγ€DETAILS】: Neoprene over 4-way breathable fabric promises breathability and comfort. Lightweight, great shock-absorption & full coverage over the knuckles and back of the fist for amazing results.

πŸ₯Šγ€PROTECTION】: Provides shock absorbing on knuckles, with a great comfort. Gel padding over the fist and knuckles for amazing protection. Built to fit under Boxing & MMA gloves for added shock-absorbency and total knuckle protection.

πŸ₯Šγ€COMFORT】: Custom form neoprene knuckle guards slip on easily for a snug fit. Can be worn alone for coverage, under boxing gloves, or in conjunction with hand wraps for the highest hand, fist and knuckle protection.Β 

πŸ₯Šγ€TESTED】: Tried & Tested by Athletes. Coach Certified. Sold as a Pair.