Double Striker Pad

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PFG’s sturdy double striker pad comes double sided to be used for target kicking practice to enhance accuracy and develop stronger strikes.These are constructed of engineered leather with multi-layered shock absorbing foam for maximum protection against repeated impact. The pads perfectly fit onto your hands giving the best grip, flexibility and no-slip training and making your training sessions more efficient without any strain on your elbow or wrist. These lightweight, super absorbent and protective double striker pads make the ultimate choice for boxers in training which enable instructors to work with boxers and martial artists to work on their footwork, balance, coordination and power.


🛡️【INFO】: PFG's high grade engineered leather double striker pads will survive countless training sessions. These are made lightweight with several layers of foam for maximized shock resistance on both sides which are incredibly efficient to use for speed work, pin-point accuracy and power drills

🛡️【DESIGN】: The design offers striking surface on both the front and back of your hands demanding fast and precise punches from the striker. Slightly angled for comfort with extra thick padding to withstand powerful blows.

🛡️【COMFORT】: The double sided striker pads allows a coach to pad in creative ways and make you better abled for body shots. The fighters will be able to strike at 100% fighting intensity than ever before. The outside soft padded engineered leather makes it extremely easy to clean

🛡️【PROTECTION】: Because of it's double-sided nature, PFG's revolutionary new double striker offers better protection to the trainer while allowing the fighter to land more accurate strikes and also further support and stability during grueling training sessions. 

🛡️【TESTED】: Tried & tested by the athletes. Coach certified.