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These ergonomic sparring gloves are made with engineered leather. It has three Layers of foam integrated padding for heavy duty shock absorption. This Feature on the Glove reduces the force acceleration and vibration of the punch. Professional 3/4" layered padding over knuckles and back of fist for all professional and amateur competition and training. Engineered with a unique contoured and tight fit hand compartment to provide a secure and snug fit. Specifically designed to allow for full use of hands and fingers. 


  •  Made with engineered Leather featuring high density thread for extended life
  •  Multi-layer foam integrated padding over knuckle-side and added block padding over wrist
  •  Ergonomic shaped design for an advanced shock absorption management
  •  Quick-EZ Velcro closure with extra-long strap provides enhanced wrist-support and a snug fit
  •  Palm-O design provides better grip coupled with special thumb-enclosure for maximum protection