Colored Hand Wrap Boxing MMA Muay Thai Hand Protection

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Protect your hands and wrists with PFG’s hand wraps which are built with premium materials to last all your workouts. These premium hand wraps are the perfect protection to wear which offers vital protection for the bones of the hand and wrist. They are 2" wide and 185" or 110" long with thumb loop and velcro closure so that you can wrap your wrists to give yourself maximum stability. Get yours today!


🥊【MATERIAL】:  The hand wraps are made out of a 100% cotton for an excellent fist guard and built to last all your workout and will remain durable wear after wear. 

 🥊【DESIGN】: It's designed to play a unique role in safeguarding your wrist and hands against injuries induced by punches familiar to boxers.

 🥊【COMFORT】: These hand wraps have a thumb loop feature that guarantees ease of use with a velcro closure for a secure fit and it is machine washable for easy maintenance. Experience a secure and safe fit.

 🥊【DURABILITY】:  The hand wraps are made of long lasting cotton material which can withstand the toughest and intense workouts letting you strike harder, train longer and perform better. 

 🥊【TESTED】: Tried & tested by athletes. Coach certified. Sold as a pair