Classic Focus Pads MMA Boxing Muay Thai Training

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 PFG's engineered leather focus mitts are the real thing. Contoured to keep strikes centered and built with extra thick padding, these mitts are designed to take a beating. Our Curved Focus Mitts are light enough to not wear your arms out before your training partner. Inside they feature a comfortable Balloon Grip. On the backside they have a second hand hold for single mitt work. Get these mitts today - an incredible value. Comes as a Pair! (2 Mitts)



  •  12.5" tall x 8" wide x 2" thick 
  • Soft padded place for hands with open fingers 
  • Curved striking surface offers an ideal striking spot 
  • Slightly angled for comfort and protection 
  • Very light with several layers of foam for maximized shock resistance 
  • Premium grade vinyl