Essential Focus Pads - MMA Boxing Muay Thai Training Protection

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 PFG Focus pads are lightweight and consist of quality faux leather. These mitts are anatomically correct mitts that are advantageous for both the the trainer and athlete. Specially padded back hand, wrist and forearm cover offers trainers training options and protection. Complete with rounded inside palm grip, moisture wicking inside liner and added wrist padding. . More than 2" of multi-layered shock absorbing foams for professional results. Mesh back ensures breathability and comfort Sold as pair. Premium grade engineered Faux leather for lasting durability


  •  12.5" tall x 8" wide x 2" thick 
  • Soft padded place for hands with open fingers 
  • Curved striking surface offers an ideal striking spot 
  • Slightly angled for comfort and protection 
  • Very light with several layers of foam for maximized shock resistance 
  • Premium grade vinyl