Pro Sparring Karate Shin Guard - Training Protection Equipment

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These Foam dip shin guards are the perfect sparring gloves for the martial artist that wants to wear high quality sparring gear without any logos.

The vinyl coating on these martial arts chops is washable and sweat proof, so you don't have to worry about your icky sweat getting stuck inside the gloves or making them smell.

The foam dip technology utilised is a mixture of high density foam and a flexible vinyl based covering. The end result is a comfortable product that is also durable. Piece can be individually sized to fit your needs. Sparring Gear Set provides you with everything you'll need to keep yourself protected while in a match.

Get yourself a nice set of foam gloves for sparring and start smacking people today!

Foam Chops Highlights:

  • High Quality Lightweight Vinyl Dipped Foam Gear
  • Elastic Straps with Velcro Fasteners to Ensure a Secure Fit
  • Vinyl Dipped Foam is Washable and Sweat Proof
  • Available in Black, Red, White