Half Finger Weight Lifting Gym Exercise Gloves

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The Phantom weightlifting gym glove series just got an upgrade. Maximum comfort, grip, AND an extended wrist strap that supports them for better posture and risk free weightlifting. Enhance your workouts and make your fitness training much more enjoyable without sacrificing your bodybuilding goals. Beat blisters – max out gains, the gym gloves are built for efficiency.
1- Lycra fabric weight lifting gloves are the most pleasant and breathable gloves to the touch and feel
2- Suede all through the palm provides a vice grip that is not easily broken unless you will it
3- Extended leather wrist strap supports and stabilises the wrists for better posture and maximum lifting prowess
4- Authentic leather between the thumb and index ensures maximum durability
5- Lycra finger webbing enhances breath ability for added comfort