Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi - Inner Sublimation of USA Flag

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Premium High Quality Pearl weave Jacket is constructed  PFG specific preshrunk, lightweight, and extremely durable 430gsm Pearl weave.  Reinforcement panels, and  contrast stitching throughout.   Hold sleeve technology providing you with the competitive edge. The pant is made from lightweight ripstop, high grade super soft ultra comfort Quality .while the pre-shrunk fabric allows for a more perfect fit. Knee padding panels and elastic padded drawstrings allow for maximum comfort and better movement while on the mat.
  • 100% Cotton Pearl Weave
  • Beautiful Inner Sublimation of USA Flag
  • Built-in Rash Guard 
  • Triple stitching, reinforced slits
  • Steamed and pre-washed for a more tailored fit
  • Piping in lapel
  • Extra thick lapels
  •  Sold without Belts
  • 100% cotton Ripstop
  • Steamed and pre-washed for a more tailored fit
  • Extra Knee padding with
  • Triple stitching, reinforced slits .
  • Elastic padded high quality rope drawstring.
  • Double loop
  • Premium High Quality Ripstop Fabric