Leather Speed Rope - Fitness Practice Genuine Leather Rope

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While more people are starting to join gyms in an effort to lose weight and get in shape, this isn't always necessary, you can get a great workout just using our 100% Real Leather Skipping Ropes! Our Real Leather skipping ropes are manufactured to the highest quality for durability and speed respectively. They are designed for cross training to produce competitive advantages in speed and they are suitable for both adults and children.This authentic real leather jump rope features a wooden handle with ball bearings and a leather cord. Light weighted wooden handles give you the perfect grip and helps tone your upper body muscle while skipping. The ball bearings features give you a smooth motion movement. The leather 2.7 Meter long skipping rope is great for use in a cardio workout to help burn calories and improve agility and coordination. Jumping rope is one of the greatest time tested methods for developing cardiovascular endurance.

Features :

  • Authentic Real Leather Jump Rope with Wooden Handle 
  • The maximum length is 2.7 Meters (9ft ) in Length, you can make it shorter by adjusting the rope. 
  • Wooden Handles for Excellent Grip 
  • Ball Bearing For Better Motion Movement Tested for Strength and Endurance